Improving Birth Rally for Change

This morning on Labor Day September 3, 2012, thousands of people gathered as part of a national movement for Improving Birth’s National Rally for Change held in close to 100 major cities, in all 50 states across the country.  The National Rally for Change is to encourage and insist maternal healthcare providers practice evidence-based maternal care , to reduce the long-term effects of unnecessary inductions and interventions when they are not medically necessary for the patient, and to provide information so they each woman can make informed decisions.

National Rally for Change is not a protest.  It’s an awareness campaign event to educate, raise awareness and encourage a change in US maternal healthcare.

This is so important.  It may seem rather obvious that most medical procedures should be reserved for medical indications, because almost every medical procedure comes with risks of complication. Risking complications can only be justified if the medical benefit outweighs the risk.  Unfortunately, the standard of maternity care in most hospitals in the USA today surprisingly is not based on reliable research and conducts far more inductions, cesarean sections, and other medical interventions which are not medically necessary.

This morning at 10:00am I intended to run 2 miles from my place to Independence Mall Peoples Plaza on the lawn in front of Independence Hall where they held Philadelphia Improving Birth’s National Rally for Change.  Turns out it was pouring rain so I drove down instead.  Fortunately the rain didn’t stop everyone from showing up to support the cause!  If you are interested in learning more visit improvingbirth.org

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