“I Challenge You to a Doula” A daddy’s interpretation of what we do as birth doulas

“A good doula is akin to a revered yogi…the doula guides a woman through advanced childbirth poses – like stepping through her own vagina.”

“Whenever you try a potentially lethal activity like, say, scuba diving or parachuting, you are paired with an experienced instructor possessing technical expertise. The same should apply when a woman attempts to extract a baby from her loins.”

“For some time after a woman gives birth, she reportedly experiences the prolonged sensation of having been punched in the vagina by Mike Tyson.”

“Maybe the profession should consider a name change. I propose ultradoula.”

This is hilarious!!  A father’s interpretation of what it is we do as birth doulas. Check out Daddy Confidential:  I Challenge You to a Doula.  And thanks, Keith, for explaining the roll of a doula in daddy terms and describing our roll so warm and comically!

About Daddy Confidential:  “Daddy Confidential was started as a repository for tips, useful products, and commentary relevant to fathers. I work from home, which makes me an expert on… procrastination. But I’ve also gleaned some insight into raising babies. This blog is for fathers who have the inclination (if not the time) to keep informed about child-rearing. Of course, your wife would be happy to educate you, but that dynamic comes with its own baggage that we guys needn’t bother with.

I live near Boston with my wife Sarah and our son Fox. I enjoy rock-climbing, reggae, and pocket knives. I abhor anchovies, the phrase “arms akimbo,” and the name Keith.”

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